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The reviews here are for the different shapes of Crane humidifiers (Hello Kitty Humidifier). I've tried several of the Crane humidifiers, and here's my take:
The Penguin works great. Blows a nice, strong flow of mist upwards and forwards -- perfect for focusing to a particular area or for dissipating in a big room. I've bought other humidifiers -- from Crane and from other manufacturers -- and the Penguin is the best of all of them: mists well, no need to change filters, and super minimal maintenance required, if at all. I just bought another one as well.
5 stars!

The other Crane shapes (e.g., frog,elephant,Hello Kitty Humidifier) doesn't work nearly as well, as due to the design, the vent isn't located high enough and doesn't blow a strong enough mist to make any difference to your room -- unless you hang it from the ceiling (which you shouldn't do, of course). So, 1 star for those. (Hello Kitty Humidifier)

Some of review : I only rate an item if it's extremely good, or really poor, and this item is great. We bought it for our daughter because she would cough at night. After we put it in her room it really reduced her coughing. It also doubles as a great night light. We liked it so much we bought a similar humidifier that was in the shape of a panda, but it was not nearly as good as the hello kitty humidifier product, and it didn't have the night light feature.

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